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Letters sent out:

20th March: Corona Virus Update

20th March: Childcare Request Form 

20th March: Cumbria County Council Guidance

19th March: Coronavirus Update

17th March: Coronavirus update

17th March: Cumbria County Council CORVID-19 Letter to parents

12th March: Coronavirus Update 

6th March: Football Competition 

5th March: Thread worms Reception

28th Feb: Kit List Derwentwater 2020

28th Feb: Derwentwater Parent help Catbells walk 

26th Feb: Parents Evening

26th Feb: Reception Parents Evening

26th Feb: Corona Virus Education Poster

26th Feb: Corona Virus letter

26th Feb: Y6 Booster

12th Feb: SAT's and Edinburgh Information Evening

12th Feb: Y6 Evacuation Day

12th Feb: Y3 Big Play 

11th Feb: Y5 / 6 Author Visit

 7th Feb: Reception Fire station trip

5th Feb: Y6 Expedition club

3rd Feb: Y6 Swimming

20th Jan: Y2 Craft Club 

20th Jan: Y3 Residential

20th Jan: Y5 Chester Zoo Initial letter 

17th Jan: Robinwood final arrangements

15th Jan: Girls football festival 

9th Jan: Y5 Titanic Dance 

8th Jan: Y3,4,5,6 Play in a Day

7th Jan: Y5 Swim Letter

7th Jan: Y5 Derwentwater Residential

13th Fri : Y3 Swimming letter

13th Dec: Ghyll Head 

11th Dec: Y5 Photo permission

11th Dec:  Y2 Kwik Cricket

29th November: Christingles

28th November: PTA Christmas Fair

27th November: I Matter sessions

14th November: Y6 Heysham Trip

13th November:  Y5 Bread making

11th November: Phonics I Matter Workshop 

8th November: Y5 Upcoming Events

7 November:  Kendal College 101 Dalmatians 

30th October: Reception Parents Evening

30th October: Parents Evening

29th October: Reception PE Kits

28th October: Year 3 / 4 Early Morning Multi Sports

17th October: Yoga Club 

18th Oct: Running Club

11th October: Orienteering Club 2019

11th October: Christmas Play Club Y3, 4, 5, & 6

4th October: Reception Harvest Festival

4th October: Harvest Festival

3rd October:  Y6 Edinburgh Initial letter

1st October: Reception Serpentine Trip

1st October: Y3 / 4 Cinema

27th Sept: Y6 Swimming

20th Sept: Rec Trips

20th Sept: Rec Tissues!

12th Sept: Code Club

12th Sept:  Window Replacements

12th Sept: Y1 Activity Club

11th Sept: Y1 Woods Day Sept 2019

6th Sept: Y4 Swimming letter

6th Sept: Y3 Stone Age day

6th Sept: Y5 Swimming

5th Sept:  Year 6 Multi-Sports Club 

5th Sept:  Y5 Multisports 

5th September: Year 4, 5 and 6 Micro:Bit Code Club

5th September:  Y5 introduction letter

4th September:  Welcome Back!

4th September: Y2 Transport Trip

17th July: Theatre By the Lake 

16th July: Absence in term time - KCP

16th July:  Milk letter Reception

15th July: Y2 Transport Letter to Parents (Sep 19)

11th July: Y3 First Access

10th July:  Y4 Theatre by the Lake

3rd July: Reception

3rd July: PTA Letter Orienteering

3rd July:  Class arrangements

1st July: Y5 Growing and Changing 

1st July: Y3 One Small Bird Concert

19th June: Y5 Information of events

18th June: Y6 Junior Citizen

17th June: Y4 Cartmel Trip

17th June: Y4  Heaves Farm

17th June: Sex Education 

13th June: Y1 Waterpark

7th June: Y4 Rainbow Roundabout 

7th June: Y4 Commonwealth Event

5th June: Reception Sports Day

5th June: Y6 Dodgeball

5th June: Year 3/4 Multi Sports 

5th June: Y5/6 Football Club

5th June: Robiinwood 

4th June: Y6 Pollination Trip

24th May:  Y3 Little Bird

23rd May: Y6 Stretching Club

17th May:  Y2 Morning Routine Change

15th May:  Y5 Bike Racing Sessions

10th May: Edinburgh Reminder

3rd May: Reception Allotment Visit

2nd May: Y3 Residential

30th April: Y4 Brantwood

25th April: Y3 Coniston Waterpark / Kit list

24th April: Derwentwater Final letter / Kit List

24th April: Tag Rugby Club

23rd April:  Coniston Water Kit List

2nd April: Y5 Reminders

2nd April: Feedback Letter to Parents

29th March: Y2 Craft Club

29th March: Boys Football Competition

22nd March: Y3 Big Play Reminder

18th March: Threadworms

18th March: Y3 Waterpark

14th March: Joe Wicks

13th March: SEND 2019

5th March: Y5 Lacrosse

1st March: Y2 Water Park

28th February:  School Cuts Letter

27th February: Parents Questionaire

27th February: Y1 - Y6 Parents Evening

27th February: Reception Parents Evening

14th February: Y3 Big Play

12th February: Pupil Premium / Free School Meals

8th February: Y6 Expedition Club

7th February: Y4 Buddhist Centre Trip

7th February: Y2 Multi Sports Club

6th February: Reception Fire Station Trip

4th February: Y4 Grasmere Trip

15th January: Y5/6 Code Club

14th January: Y5 Derwentwater

10th January: Dancercise

9th January: Y3 Y6 Play in a Day

6th December: Choir Letter

3rd December: Christingles

28th November: Reception December Letter

16th November: Online Payment System

16th November: Y3,4,5 Beauty and the Beast Trip

7th November: Y5/6 Netball



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